Danville Penstock Replacement Phase 2

In the summer of 2013, PC Construction Company Special Projects Group awarded the 2nd phase of the Danville Penstock Replacement project to G.W. Tatro Construction, Inc. The project required removing 750 feet of fiberglass penstock and replacing it with 48” steel. , G.W. Tatro was also issued a change order to remove and replace the existing 40 foot tall fiberglass surge tank. By December 2013, the project was substantially complete and ready to be put back into service.

Marshfield Penstock Replacement Phase 5

In summer 2011, PC Construction Company Special Projects Group awarded the 5th phase of the Marshfield Penstock Replacement project to G.W. Tatro Construction, Inc. This was the 5th consecutive phase that was award to G.W. Tatro in as many years. Phase 5 consisted of removing 1,500 feet of wooden penstock and replacing it with 72” diameter steel. Due to power restrictions, the project had to be completed in the fall and early winter months during a short outage window. With the successful completion of Phase 5, G.W. Tatro has installed over 6,700 feet of steel pipe for the Marshfield Penstock Replacement project.

Waterbury Farr Roadway

In August 2013, the Town of Waterbury awarded the Farr Road project to G.W. Tatro Construction, Inc. The scope of the project was to construct 1,600 LF of new roadway and removal of an existing steel bridge and concrete abutment. The job required 5,000 CY of Excavation, 1,600 CY of Rip Rap, and 1,400 CY of crushed gravel. The project required working underneath 2 interstate bridges, and adjacent to the sensitive Little River. It would also need to be constructed in the middle of an AOT highway restoration project along US Route 2. Farr Road was open to traffic on November 1st 2013 and the 86 year old steel bridge was closed. The bridge and abutments are scheduled to be removed in 2014 to complete the project.

Smugglers Notch: North Hill Development

In 2012, Smugglers Notch Ski Resort awarded G.W. Tatro Construction, Inc. the site work bid for four new buildings on North Hill. The project included clearing and grubbing, excavation and backfill for each building, 6,000 SY of new gravel roads and parking lots, 1,600 LF of Water Line, 500 LF of Sewer, and 600 LF of Storm. Smugglers Notch Ski Resort was able to open the new condos on time to prospective tourists for the 2013/2014 ski season. Smugglers Notch continues to be one of G.W. Tatro’s oldest and most regular clients

Chittenden County Storm Repairs

On Friday May 24 2013, G.W. Tatro Construction, Inc. mobilized its forces swiftly as heavy rains and flash flooding swept roads and culverts away. The towns of western Chittenden County were hit especially hard, causing many people to become stranded in their homes as many were preparing to go away for Memorial Day weekend. G.W. Tatro worked late into the night Friday and Saturday to help make the roads passable. In the weeks that followed, G.W. Tatro continued to support the local towns by supplying gravel, rip rap, dump trucks and excavators to restore the roads to their original condition.

St. Albans Intersections

In September 2012, NAI J.L. Davis Realty awarded G.W. Tatro Construction the contract to upgrade seven intersections along Route 7 in St. Albans. The intersections were built in conjunction with the construction of the new Wal-Mart in town. The project consisted of widening the for new turning lanes, traffic control, relocating existing utilities, installing new storm drains, new signal intersections, as well as paving and line striping. G.W. Tatro provided several value engineer proposals to reduce the project schedule and bring the overall cost down. The project was completed in time for the grand opening of the new Wal-Mart.

Cambridge Roundabout

In August 2012, A.L. St. Onge Contractors, Inc. subcontracted G.W. Tatro Construction to construct the STP 030-2(27) portion of the VT Agency Transportation (AOT) project. The project consisted of constructing a roundabout at the intersection of VT Route 15 and VT Route 108. This proved to be a challenge, as this intersection is located along a major corridor to Vermont’s largest city and was also adjacent to two other large AOT projects. One year later, in August of 2013, G.W. Tatro completed the project on time and under budget.

Brewster River Slope Stabilization


In November 2013, the Town of Cambridge, VT contracted G.W. Tatro Construction, Inc. to alleviate an erosion issue along VT Route 15 in the Brewster River. With permission from the VT Agency of Natural Resources (ANR), G.W. Tatro removed a buildup of sediment in the river and used the gravel to rebuild the failing slope along the highway and power lines. The slope was then armored with approximately 1,000 CY of Rip Rap to help prevent further erosion. The removal of the sediments from the river will now allow a more unrestricted flow under the Route 15 Bridge during high water events. The reduction of sediment will also help keep our rivers and lakes cleaner by preventing this material from washing downstream and settling in Lake Champlain.