Erosion Control

Founded in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and having built the business on the pristine ski slopes of New York and New England, G.W. Tatro understands the importance of erosion control. Clients regularly commend our crews on their no-nonsense approach to erosion control and their proactive- not reactive-mentality to environmental best managed practices (BMP’s). Our operators consider themselves second to none at repairing slopes with large Rip Rap. Since Hurricane Irene hit Vermont in 2011, GW Tatro’s crews have installed dozens of Rip Rap slopes throughout the state, many being Contractor Designed slopes. The company prides itself in its expertise with river stabilization, and implementation of erosion and sediment control.  Whether it is a massive slope failure, a small stream restoration, or just simple BMP’s, this company does it all. At GW Tatro we look forward to working with you on your next project, and to building it in the most environmentally conscious way possible.