Chief Operating Officer

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George B. Potter is an ideal fit for G.W. Tatro because his career has been marked by the sort of outside-the-box thinking, a sought-after skill in this company. Recently President of Bolton Valley, and a senior executive at Killington and Pico Resort for over two decades before that, George has spent almost 42 years in the ski industry, and has been in an executive role for decades. He has managed multiple operations and teams, bringing new levels of organization and competencies in every role he has worked in. George has explained that his greatest joy is to be able to work with people and mentor them, so the end result is that they are better prepared to take on more responsibilities in the future. “I am thrilled to be part of G.W. Tatro—a company that has its roots in the ski industry,” George says.

His favorite thing has been to dive feet-first into a new industry. “For me,” he said, “I love learning something new. This has been a joy.” He has a greater and greater appreciation for the staff and what it takes to get the job done out in the field. He also loves getting to know the employees and seeing the company’s positive relationship in the community.

George’s expertise is adding structure, mentorship, and more community involvement into this company. As Chief Operating Officer he helps to solidify the direction of the company; he also brings with him a portfolio of skills and a culture of positive mindset, all of which enables the company to be better prepared for what the future brings.

When not at work, George and his wife Kathy Hutchins live a sustainable outdoors lifestyle. “We grow almost seventy five percent of our food, including not only a spectacular vegetable garden with raspberries and blueberries but pigs, meat chickens and turkeys,” he explains. They also are passionate Archery hunters and annually they venture off Chatham, Mass. to catch striped bass, sea bass and bluefin tuna. “We enjoy knowing where our food comes from,” George says. George and Kathy have also trained and bred Labrador retrievers for many years, and play a central role in the lives of the Potters. The current two are a father and daughter team. Cooter, who is a black lab, and Slider, who is chocolate, are trained for both upland bird hunting and waterfowl. George minces no words: “They are our children!”