1997 CASE 1845


             One of our rare, non-CAT pieces of equipment! Gerald Tatro, our founder, had always been fond of CASE skidsteers. Back in the day, we had a lot more CASE machinery before we more fully moved to CAT. This ’97 machine is kind of a bittersweet machine for us: it’s the last of its kind.

                Though older and a little weak compared to its more modern counterparts, the 1845’s purchase was a very exciting moment for us back in the day. Back then, we didn’t have much in the way of equipment, so each new purchase was a big deal. This 1845 was the center of attention when added it to our fleet.

                Through the years, we’ve used this skidsteer to help with waterline jobs, and it could often be found on smaller, residential projects. We used it in buildings for lifting pipes and equipment, as well as to get into tight spots. Since it is so simple to use, it has been a superb piece of equipment for training.

                Now in its golden years, it spends a lot of time in our barn where we store materials and equipment, safe from the elements and rigors of the job sites. But there are times when it still heeds to call, and it is brought out to the job site to help out. And why not? It’s a great little skidsteer for our great little jobs!

Equipment Categories: Skidsteers, Bucket Loaders,