1997 Powerscreen Chieftain Screening Plant


Purchased in the waning months of the 1990s, the Chieftain Screening Plant has been chugging away at G.W. Tatro’s gravel pits for decades. Brian Loucks, who often works with the Chieftain, calls it “a good working machine.” It was made for making aggregate products like sands and gravels, and can be used to make three types of material at once. This screening plant is designed with three conveyer belts that are five feet wide and seven feet long. Two belts can be found out of each side and the third is at the end, with a grizzly (a set of bars to keep larger rocks out) installed over the hopper. The Chieftain uses an automated process to screen, which means that as long as that hopper is filled, the Chieftain will load automatically. Though it can process up to three products, we use it primarily to create the aggregate called crusher run. The Chieftain works to create the gravel with our Powercrusher to screen and crush rocks through a cyclical process: the rough product is placed on the screening plant, which filters out anything larger than 1.25 inches. That which enters is sorted and is then considered the finished product. That which is filtered out is sent to the crusher plant where it is broken down and sent back to the screening plant. This process continues until all the original rough product becomes refined. The Chieftain processes materials much more slowly than the PowerTrak screener, since it has multiple decks for sorting and it separates on a far more thorough basis.

Our Chieftain is not as high maintenance as the crusher that it continually works with, but it’s still pretty high maintenance. “Anything that’s designed to smash big rock into little rock is going to be as hard on itself as it is on the rock,” Brian explains. “Screening plants [have] a lot of conveyer belts … there’s a lot of rolls and gears that drive the conveyers. Which, in a dirty environment, they’re susceptible to wear and tear.” It can be quite a process to crush and screen, but it’s good, honest work, and in the hands of our talented crew, you can be sure the final product will be of the highest quality!


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