2002 Volvo G80


                 Bought secondhand from an auction in Florida, the 2002 Volvo G80 Grader traveled to Vermont’s colder clime and has spent years as a successful member – the last remaining grader—of our fleet.

                The G80 isn’t a full-size grader. Small and compact like the ‘mini’ excavators in our fleet, this machine is more petite than most municipal graders that you might come across on a dirt road. But in its small size comes a large benefit: it is able to fit in thin or cramped areas. This is the reason we purchased the G80 in the first place: we needed it for work on a few of our bike path projects, and it was the perfect fit! From there, we’ve used it to great success for driveway jobs, in parking lots, and on back roads.

          The Volvo G80 Grader has a tight turning radius and a variable ground speed up to 20 mph. The blade can be adjusted for a wide range of applications. It is capable of a 90 degree up angle, and a 21 degree down angle.

                As with most graders, this machine is very complicated to operate. “Running a grader is one of the most difficult construction machines to learn,” says our Equipment Manager, Justin Day. There are lots of moving parts and tires, and using it requires the utmost precision. This means only a certain, skilled set of operators find themselves behind the wheel.

            Though it is not one of our most in demand machines, the G80 Grader still plays a critical role in the operations of G.W. Tatro Construction!

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