2003 CAT 950 GII


                A great, reliable bucket loader, the 2003 CAT 950 GII has been a mainstay of our equipment fleet for over a decade. It has just the right amount of power, but is also carefully calibrated to handle delicate jobs, too.

                Importantly, this loader controls very smoothly, has great visibility and is simple to use. It also has very low maintenance, reducing down time. “It can just go and go,” says our Equipment Manager. The 950’s size is in that sweet spot of not being too big for tight jobs, but possessing the strength necessary to handle any issue that may arise during a project.              

The 950 GII’s power makes it incredibly useful when it comes to processing material. It can handle tons of stone or dirt all day, making it a very efficient machine to use in pits or other areas—like our yard—where trucks need to get loaded consistently throughout the day. 

                So, the spectrum of projects the 2003 CAT 950 GII is used on is very wide! No matter what situation we’ve got going on at a site, if this bucket loader shows up, we know that the job will get done!

Equipment Categories: Bucket Loaders, Medium,