2004 Volvo L90E


              Many people feel like this 2004 L90E is the best Volvo machine we have! A big reason for that is that this L90E is far more reliable than the norm for these loaders.  Though it has a little more of a ‘tippy’ feel than some of the CAT loaders around this size, the L90E also has terrific visibility and is easy to control.

                There’s no doubt that we’ve put the L90E to good use: it’s been on a ton of jobs, big and small. It has worked on hydroelectric sites and road projects helping to deliver aggregates to excavations; it has worked on the side of the mountain, and it’s worked around our shop helping to fill dump trucks with our gravel. It also has passed many winters plowing roads and parking lots.

                The L90E has spent the most time in sand and gravel pits, where it is an outstanding loader for trucks and is great for moving piles of dirt and gravel around.

                As you can see, the L90E’s versatility is what makes it a great machine. Here’s to many more years of service!

Equipment Categories: Bucket Loaders, Small,