2009 Volvo L90F


With a more modern look and feel to it, the 2009 Volvo L90F has many improvements over the 2004 L90E. The L90F was manufactured at a time when cleaner technology began to be implemented into heavy construction machinery, and so it burns a little cleaner than its predecessor. The cab has been modified to be more comfortable and modern—it even includes a radio!

The steering is very smooth for this size loader, and it has terrific visibility. This, plus the fact that it has a quick-connect ability that allows it to rapidly switch out the bucket for forks or a snowplow makes this loader a high-demand machine on our job sites. And we use it to snowplow in the winter months. This means our L90F is a year-round, high demand, machine: a rarity in our fleet!

Equipment Categories: Bucket Loaders, Small,