2011 CAT 329DL


              This 2011 CAT 329DL is actually the same model as the 325 excavators that we have. CAT changed the number to better match the weight: as the years went on, the 325s were getting heavier with each new iteration.

                We actually acquired this machine from our spin-off company, Tatro Pipeline, where it had been put to work down in Pennsylvania working on natural gas lines. When the company was bought by Chesapeake Energy, we bought the machine and put it to work with us!

           There are some big improvements that the 329 has over the 325s. First—it has a ‘quick connect’ bucket that allows for easy changing of buckets.  This makes it a superb machine for laying pipe—either on a roadside or a mountainside. The workers enjoy using this more than the 325s as well, since it has better power—especially compared to the 325DL. Still to this day, we are happy to have this excavator as a valuable member of our equipment fleet!

Equipment Categories: Excavators, Medium,