2011 CAT CS54


                   Our CAT CS54 roller is fantastic piece of machinery! Bought brand new in 2011, this compacter is pretty easily described: “It’s a nice big roller,” Justin Day says. But the purchase of the CS54 roller signified something larger that was happening in G.W. Tatro Construction. The last roller this company purchased was in 1983: the old Rex Roller that is still in use today. Up until 2011, we had always rented rollers if the Rex wouldn’t suffice for our Site/Civil jobs. The increasing scale and scope of our projects in this branch of the company necessitated more equipment to address the demands of the jobs. The purchase of the CS54 roller embodied that progression of the Site/Civil branch.

                 This roller is easy to get in and out of, and is way easier than the Rex Roller to operate (the Rex has been called “cranky” by some here). It also was the first roller we had that had gauges on the front panel. It also uses the Tier Four emissions system that many of our CAT machines have. It has features like many other CAT rollers including: two speed transmission, dual amplitude vibratory system, and a dual pump propel system for superior traction. These features give our operators maximum versatility and control to make sure whatever job you have in mind is done right! Let us know if we can put it to work for you!

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