2012 CAT 311DL


               In demand on the many of the Site/Civil jobs for its size and efficiency, this 2012 CAT 311DL is the master of backfilling. Though it may be a little less muscular and a bit slower than other excavators in its class, it is small enough for tight quarters, but is still hefty enough to be a powerful machine (it is over twice the size of our 303.5 Mini excavator) that can be relied on for some of our toughest digging jobs.

                Like the older 311CU, a blade is included with this machine. We use the it to better push dirt around, as well as to give a smooth finish. We can also use the blade for added stability on steep terrain. This increases its value to the mountain crews.

                Lastly, the cabin is greatly upgraded from the 2004 311CU, leaving the operator more comfortable and able to withstand long hours in the machine.

                  With all of the above going for it, it’s no wonder the 2012 311DL is so popular!



Equipment Categories: Excavators, Small,