2012 CAT D6T XL


                  A more recent addition to our company than its year might suggest, the 2012 CAT D6T XL spent some time in Canada before we bought it at an auction in Montreal in the spring of 2015. We came across this dozer when we were looking to grow our fleet in anticipation of our Mount Snow job. It ended up being such a good machine that we decided to not only keep this D6T, we decided to have it be our lead bulldozer!

                We did use this a ton on our Mount Snow job, either to push material around or to distribute fill at waste sites. It also comes in very handy in pits and quarries for moving gravel and stone. Mountain jobs (and some solar jobs, too!) have the D6T acting as a winch.

                The blade is a “Semi-U” one that can tilt as well as move up and down. It’s considered a production blade, and the angles of it are pitched in to hold material in when it is moving dirt around.  “It’s made more to push and carry dirt than it is for precision grading,” Justin Day, G.W. Tatro’s Equipment Manager, clarifies.

 The D6T XL has a C9.3 ACERT engine with a Clean Emissions Module (CEM) to maintain that needed power all the while keeping emissions low. The CEM utilizes a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and a Cat Regeneration System, three different components specially engineered so to meet EPA tier 4 emission standards. The engine moves a powertrain that utilizes a torque divider and a differential steering system to maximize efficiency, maneuverability, and reliability. Another thing that allows this dozer to stand out: it’s heavy duty construction. Our Equipment Manager calls it “robust: tough and strong.” Adding to that is the incredible power of the machine. “When you’ve got a lot of dirt to move a long distance, this is the best.” Mix all that with its comfortable operator cabin and easy servicing design and the result is a satisfied client and operator!

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