2013 CAT 938K


             The 2013 938K is one of our best bucket loaders. Why is it so awesome? Let us list the ways! It’s stable—the last thing someone wants is a loader that feels ‘tippy’—and it’s comfortable. For operators, that last thing is very important, as they often find themselves in loaders all day long. In fact, the 938K is set up to be as easy on the operator as possible, as well as easy to use.

                Further, it lifts beyond what one might expect for a loader this size. It’s a fast mover, too, able to dart from place to place on the job site. It can be gentle when necessary, but can just as easily switch to power.

                Like many of the newer CAT machines, the 938K is fuel efficient, having modernized emissions technology installed. This also reduces the sooty exhaust too often seen with older machines.

                The 938K is most prized on our snowmaking jobs. In fact, it is the flagship loader for these jobs! It is terrific at handling lots of pipe, is gentle and slow for when we zap-loc, and is stable on steep slopes. But even though it’s a favorite on these particular jobs, the 938K will often be found all over—on mountain jobs, site/civil jobs and renewable jobs. The sheer range of its abilities make it a most valuable asset!

Equipment Categories: Bucket Loaders, Small,