2013 Morooka 2200VD


This model of Morooka is the most popular in North America due to its versatility. It’s the big track truck in our fleet—dwarfing the Yanmars.  This carrier uses rubber tracks instead of steel which allows for higher speeds and lower ground pressure which is very useful in sensitive environments. In other words, it’s an essential piece of equipment in wet or soft conditions.  Its CAT C7.1 250 hp T4-final engine has a ton of power: it easily handles a maximum load of 24,255 pounds!

                More to love about the Morooka: it is very easy for our workers to operate, and it is able to spot turn. This means this truck is great in tight situations. It will carry whatever we can throw in it—aggregates, tools, equipment, timber mats, and lots of hay. If you need to move a lot of material in a tricky environment, the Morooka is your rig!

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