2014 CAT 320E Long Reach


We acquired this 2014 320E Long Reach excavator for projects that, for an ordinary piece of equipment, would be out of range. The reach of the boom is extended 50% beyond that of a comparable excavator of its size, maxing out 56 feet. This allows us to tackle jobs that, under normal circumstances, would not be executable without a larger number of equipment and more environmental disruption.  For example, the Long Reach can handle the most difficult or unsteady slope failures, as well as steep rip rap jobs, and culvert clean outs. In addition, we can reach up to clean off ledges, scour out ponds and clear out the front of hydroelectric dams.

That translates to having more versatility to handle a variety of jobs in less time without using extra equipment, this helps keep costs down. We completed a rip rap job on route 15, for the state of Vermont, in half the time it was expected to be completed thanks to the capabilities of the Long Reach excavator.

Another great benefit of the Long Reach—it can greatly minimize environmental impact/damage of many projects. No longer is it necessary to tear up the surroundings to complete the project you have in mind. As we are proud members of an eco-friendly state, this was one of the largest selling points for us—as it enables us to bring our environmental stewardship to the next level.

The Long Reach is a hugely important part of our Equipment Fleet for these reasons, expanding capabilities to the next level!

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