2014 Yanmar Crawler


One of the handiest pieces of equipment we have in our fleet, the Yanmar Crawler is born to be on steep slopes. We use it to haul materials, tools, things like excavator buckets and snow guns, aggregates and lots of hay to hard-to-reach areas.

                The Yanmar Crawler is a huge improvement over our old bombardiers that were used for this purpose in the past. They are the best we have for utility work, and can fit in tighter spots than our larger Morooka. They are superb for mulching, as well, because they are so accessible. Since they sit lower to the ground, it is safer and easier to work out of. Further, the mulcher effortlessly attaches to it for easy towing.

                Easy to operate, and very safe to use, the Yanmar’s seats can face two directions, meaning the Crawler can be operated in either direction! On top of all this, this machine is very efficient on fuel—lowering our carbon footprint!

Equipment Categories: Off-Road, Trucks,