2015 Yanmar Crawler


             Like our older model, this Yanmar Crawler Carrier is one of the  handiest pieces of equipment we have in our fleet. We use this one to tackle the welding necessary for mountain jobs, and the steep terrain that accompany this type of work.

                This 2015 model is a bit newer than our other model. But what makes it special are the modifications Dale McKnight, our welder, made to it. It has a custom tailgate that can be used as a workbench for welding, as well as steps that allow people to more easily get into and out of the truck bed. Further, he added LED lighting for nightwork.

                Justin Day says that the new Yanmar has been a “joy for him to work with.” It’s safer than the old bombardiers we used to use, but it is also more reliable and more quiet than what he’s used to as well!                  

Easy to operate, and very safe to use, the Yanmar’s seats can face two directions, meaning the Crawler can be operated in either direction! On top of all this, this machine is very efficient on fuel—lowering our carbon footprint!

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