2016 CAT 316F



We bought this machine as another replacement for our old, beloved 2006 CAT 315CL that was pulled from our equipment fleet. The body style for this machine is much different than its 2006 predecessor, but is identical to the 2014 CAT 316EL. 

                The 316 is in demand on every type of job. It’s a very versatile, quick, and powerful machine. It controls elegantly, and the modern cab controls are about as new and bleeding edge as a construction company can get.

                Furthermore, the 316F has state of the art emissions technology built into it. Within the machine is a selective catalytic reduction(SCR) process where diesel exhaust fluid(DEF) is injected into the engine’s exhaust streams which causes harmful nitrogen oxides to become a safe inert nitrogen. The SCR process coupled with particulate filters and its exhaust gas recirculation system makes for extremely clean emissions. Most excavators that you come across will have a black and sooty exhaust pipe, but not these. You can run your finger around the stack and it will still be clean! It’s an impressive feat that CAT has incorporated into its Tier 4 Final engine. And, it’s just one more thing that makes the 316F an important addition for our equipment fleet!

Equipment Categories: Excavators, Small,