2016 CAT 323F


Like its generational predecessor, the 323 is in high enough demand that we have two of these—the 2016 model and a 2015 model. Besides the year, the two machines are identical in almost every way.  We acquired these two machines as replacement models for our aging 320Ds. Don’t be deceived by the different numbering between this 323 and the older 320, they are the same model. The 323Fs have superb emissions technology, which reduces our carbon footprint, but also adds three tons of weight. Thus: the different numbering.

These excavators also have a very modern interior with heated seats, back up cameras and, according to one operator, “really good A/C!” The cab and back end have also been reapportioned and modernized.  Like the 320s, the 323s are of a petite enough for our smaller jobs, and big enough for our large-scale jobs. They continue the tradition of being good, all-around machines!

Equipment Categories: Excavators, Medium,