2016 CAT 938M


          Our newest loader, the 2016 938M builds off of the great modifications of the 2013 938K. Like the 2013 model, it has a Tier 4 Final engine, which greatly reduces the loader’s carbon footprint.  Both 938s are terrific on fuel economy. This new version also has a nearly identical cab. Importantly, there is a back-up camera as well.

                The sheer level of technology built into the 938M’s infotainment system is overwhelming. There are myriad buttons and adjustments that allow for an operator to tweak a variety of things, including the speed of the boom, the sensitivity of the controls, even how fast the bucket tilts. You can actually program that bucket to move to a certain position.

                The loader can switch between a ‘road’ mode and a ‘site’ mode. If on ‘road’ mode, it is less jerky and steers more smoothly. When working on site, its namesake mode allows for the slower and sharper movements necessary for precision work.

                The lights are spectacular—showcasing fog lights, and using extremely bright and energy efficient LED bulbs. They even stay illuminated for a brief period after shutoff, allowing the operator to see on their way off the site at night!

                Axles can be locked to handle the muddiest or slipperiest of slopes, making it the choice for jobs on tough terrain. That, combined with arguably the best visibility of any loader, leaves the 2016 938M a top-shelf machine!

Equipment Categories: Bucket Loaders, Small,