2016 Freightliner Coronado SD


              One of our newest trucks, this Freightliner is more comfortable to drive in, and is a smooth ride. With a Hardox 450 body and a Detroit Diesel 13 engine, this truck can handle any project we throw at it. It’s a very reliable truck, with good power. Anthony Chauvin, one of our drivers—and the one who has put the most hours on this truck—says “it handles good, it gets around good.”

                There are two really different things about this Freightliner that makes it stand out amongst our equipment fleet. The first is that it’s the first dump truck we’ve ever had that is automatic. This means that it can better tackle city driving, and it makes our driveway deliveries of aggregates—particularly the tailgate spreading of gravel—top notch.

                The second thing is the truck was acquired as a part of the State of Vermont’s Clean Diesel Program. This allowed us to purchase this truck, along with one other truck, with exhaust scrubbers to screen out dirty air, leaving the air emitted to be far cleaner.

That means the truck engine is very efficient with how they inject and burn diesel fuel, making every drop count. They handle emissions with a selective catalytic reduction(SCR) process where diesel exhaust fluid(DEF) is injected into the engine’s exhaust streams which causes harmful nitrogen oxides to become a safe inert nitrogen. The SCR process coupled with particulate filters and its exhaust gas recirculation system makes for extremely clean emissions. Most trucks have a black and sooty exhaust pipe, but not these. You can run your finger around the stack and it will still be clean! We are proud to do our part to keep emissions as low as possible.   

We’re proud to do our part as citizens to reduce our carbon footprint and be responsible stewards of our state’s environmental heritage. And with the 2016 Freightliner Coronado, we were able to take our stewardship to the next level!

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