2017 CAT 313F


              One of our newest excavators, the 2017 CAT 313F is a monument to the improvements CAT has systematically added to its equipment. The 313F is about as operator friendly as you can get, with comfortable seats that can heat up, a back-up camera that covers a dangerous blind spot, and a quick release bucket.

                Just like its older siblings, the 311s, this machine comes equipped with a blade to help with stability on steeper terrain, and to better smooth out any recent earthwork. In addition, it has terrific reach.

                One of the biggest improvements is how fuel efficient and clean the CAT 313F. With the emissions technology changing how these machines inject and burn diesel fuel, it makes every drop of fuel count for something. They handle emissions with a selective catalytic reduction(SCR) process where diesel exhaust fluid(DEF) is injected into the engine’s exhaust streams which causes harmful nitrogen oxides to become a safe inert nitrogen. The SCR process coupled with particulate filters and its exhaust gas recirculation system makes for extremely clean emissions. This is what CAT calls a TIER 4 Final Engine, and it is an impressive thing to behold.

                Modern, smooth, clean and powerful—this 2017 CAT 313F helps to keep G.W. Tatro at the cutting edge!

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