2017 CAT 336F


We have two of these (identical except for the year—we own a 2016 model as well), and they are the apples of our eye! The largest. The newest. The most cutting-edge. These 336s are the flagship excavators, nay, the flagship equipment of G.W. Tatro Construction.

The 336-class of excavators are extremely powerful, no other model comes close—not even the Volvo 360 of the same class. And they are incredibly versatile—they can dig trenches, backfill, degrub, set rock, load trucks and much, much more. With the Tier Four Final Engine, these are also one of our cleanest and greenest machines too.

Our Equipment Manager, Justin Day, loves to see them in action. “The kid in me still loves the big machines,” he says. “They are incredible pieces of man-made technology. It’s amazing how much work they can do, every day.” To many of us, the sheer power and weight of these machines is awe-inspiring. And when you get a talented operator behind the controls, taming this mighty beast? “It’s like art,” Justin says. And with these– our newest, biggest and best– it’s art at its highest form.

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