2016 CAT 305.5 E2 Mini


Shiny new and tiny too, the 305.5 E2 is quite the little mini excavator. As the size of the excavator diminishes, so does the scale and type of job we use it for. This piece of equipment is handy for tight quarters—especially on our road jobs or our site work jobs. If we are tight to a utility pole, or doing small trenches, the 305.5 is our choice. In fact, this excavator is so small, it can even be used inside some buildings for utility work, or put in building envelopes for foundation work and slab prep. Since it has rubber tracks, this excavator is also great on blacktop or in areas that are more sensitive.

With the latest and greatest technology, responsive controls, and since it is easy for us to transport, the 305.5 has quickly become one of the most valuable tools we have in our equipment fleet. When fine-tuning and precision matter most, we put the call in for the 2016 CAT 303.5!

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