H120ES CAT Hammer


The newest hammer in our equipment fleet, the 3,682-pound ES series CAT 120 hammer is, in reality, nearly identical to our other 120 hammer. The only differences our mechanics have been able to find is in some valving and in the housing, which is more angular than the older, rounder housing found on the CS series hammer. The 120ES Cat rock hammer allows us to chisel through sedimentary rock, metamorphic rocks and concrete. In other words, it can break up many rocks, and hammer away at others, especially any ledge we encounter during excavation.


The hammer is arguably the most essential piece of specialty equipment we have. It’s a tool that can be quickly attached to an excavator when we need to peck away or break up rock during a dig. We can rapidly knock the rock out of the way without having to call in blasters to, well, blast the offending rock away.  Also, this hammer uses Caterpillar’s noise suppression technology, making this ideal for use in a residential environment or anywhere noise compliance is an issue. It can attach to our 320 and 323 excavators.

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