H160DS CAT Rock Hammer


The 160DS Cat rock hammer is our biggest, it allows us to work larger jobs. It weighs in at 6,945 pounds, over twice the weight of our other hammers. It will chisel through sedimentary rock, metamorphic rocks and concrete. We can attach this to our CAT 330 and 336 excavators, some of the largest pieces of equipment we have.

                Even though the H160DS is our biggest hammer, it is still a small piece of machinery when compared to our loaders, dozers, rollers, or any of the other members of the fleet. Yet, don’t let that size deceive you: it is a very expensive item to maintain. To help combat that wear and tear, we at G.W. Tatro developed the Ripper for jobs that involve tearing into tough and hard areas. All things considered, however, the hammer is one of the most integral pieces of equipment we have. Our jobs would be much harder (pun not intended!) without it.

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