Zap-Loc Machine


The Zap-Lok system is very special to us at G.W. Tatro. We’ve partnered with Zap-Lok Pipelines for 40 years, and are proud to have the Zap-Lok machine as a centerpiece of our snowmaking operations.

The Zap-Lok system is capable of processing steel pipe from 4” – 12” steel pipe, up to .500 wall. It mechanically joins the pipe together without welding it. When compared to other pipe joining methods, this system reduces installation time and it enhances the quality of snowmaking piping. With this technology, we need fewer workers to complete the work which translates to lower job costs. G.W. Tatro has over 35 years of experience working with the Zap-Lok system, consistently saving our clients time and money while delivering a superior product!

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