Putting People First

At G.W. Tatro we pride ourselves on our can-do attitude that encompasses a willingness to tackle any problem. It’s a philosophy that has paid off throughout the years. While we’ve been blessed with success and recognition, the real reason isn’t because we get the most profitable jobs or have better technology. Here’s the secret to our success: it’s the people who work for us. From the laborers literally in the trenches, to those at the office working to keep us running on all cylinders, to our unbelievably talented mechanics and operators: our employees are what keep us running and what propelled us—and continue to propel us— across the line of excellence.

In an interview with Equipment World Magazine in 2016, our President Greg Tatro said, “The most important thing is our people.” We have an excellent team, and invest in their growth. Why? Because these aren’t just employees…they are family.

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