CLIENT: City of Saint Albans
LOCATION: Saint Albans
CONTRACT VALUE: $2,183,505.46

In the summer of 2016 GW Tatro Construction was contracted by the City of Saint Albans to reconstruction one of the City’s arterial streets.  Fairfield street is one of the City’s oldest and among the highest traveled.  Our crews performed a total street reconstruction which included 1300’ of water, 2,200’ of sewer, 2,000’ of storm drainage, 26 precast concrete storm structures, 15,000 cubic yards of aggregate subbase, 7,000’ of granite curbing, 1,500 tons of asphalt paving and 22,000 SF of concrete sidewalks.  During the course of construction, a natural gas main was encountered and relocated, which served several houses on the street and did not disrupt service to any of the residences’.  Several large diameter trees were cut in order to install the new infrastructure, the city replaced many of them with new trees.  The project took about 9 months to complete.

Project Categories: Site/Civil, Road, Highway, Rail, Water, Sewer, Storm,