Road, Highway, and Rail

Road and highway construction has played an essential role in G.W. Tatro’s business ever since Gerald Tatro purchased his first bulldozer. Though much has changed since then, GW Tatro still brings that same sense of professionalism and work ethic that made the company stand out decades ago. Today, GW Tatro utilizes the most up to date equipment and survey technology to stay ahead of curve and to tackle today’s complex projects. Just within the last few years, G.W. Tatro has constructed two roundabouts for the Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT), both located at very busy intersections along VT Route 15. Both projects were technically challenging and both were completed on schedule and under budget. In 2011, GW Tatro tackled its first Rail project, reconstructing an at-grade crossing in Ferrisburg, VT for the AOT. The project required working during a track outage, working nights and weekends to bring it back in service as soon as it could safely and professionally be completed. The project was very successful, once again reinforcing that no one likes a challenge more than G.W. Tatro.