The story of G.W. Tatro Construction, Inc. begins with its founder, Gerald Warren Tatro. Gerald always believed in pushing the limits of what one could do. In his twenties, he stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. He was in continuous combat for two months until a severe wound sent him home with only half of one lung left. Once home in Vermont he threw himself into logging, yet all along he dreamed of using heavy equipment one day to make ski trails on the slopes of the nearby ridgeline. With that vision in mind, he purchased a bulldozer and constructed the first ski trails at Smuggler’s Notch Resort. He would soon be at Killington Mountain doing the same. This is where G.W. Tatro Construction—originally called Gerald Tatro Earthmoving Equipment– would begin.


In the 46 years Gerald would run G.W. Tatro Construction, Inc. the company would expand past those humble beginnings– not only in size but work as well. G.W. Tatro Construction would deliver superb projects across the ski mountains in New England, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, setting the bar in the industry when it came to constructing ski trails and installing snowmaking equipment. It would also develop into sitework, tackling more and more difficult projects as the years went on: road construction, municipal infrastructure, railwork, erosion control, hydroelectric dam removal, roundabouts, and reconstruction of difficult intersections in high-trafficked areas.


Since Gerald’s passing, his son Greg has taken over the company, taking G.W. Tatro Construction even further. It has delved into the green sector, working on wind turbines, penstock, solar arrays, and energy efficient upgrades to snowmaking equipment. It has also completed one of its biggest projects, creating a 120 million gallon pond along with the correlating pump stations and pipe system.


In 2016, G.W. Tatro was awarded the Equipment World Contractor of the Year accolade. What pushed the company to the top was the central theme of its culture: “Put People First, and the Profits Will Come.”


G.W. Tatro Construction is future oriented, embracing the newest practices,environmental stewardship, and fostering

a positive and goal-oriented culture. And it never forgets where it came from: built upon Gerald’s traditions of a strong work ethic, can-do attitude, and love of challenge—a legacy and set of ideals which are still revered by the over sixty team members comprising the G.W. Tatro Team.