Crushed and screened down to size, our unwashed ¾” stone is a great multi-purpose aggregate. It makes a great backfill for areas with pipes and culverts. Also, it will help control erosion by stabilizing the ground and it allows for decent water drainage. Our customers and foremen often use it to stabilize muddy or wet areas, and it can make a top layer for a driveway. Towns will often use three-quarter inch stone for their roads, as it is especially efficient in tackling the slop during the freeze and thaw cycles of  mud season. Its durability makes it useful for a foundation too. Many customers seem to prefer ¾” stone over 1 ½“ stone because ¾” is easier to shovel by hand! We keep plenty of ¾” stone at our Jeffersonville Yard, so stop by and take a look to see if it can work for you! If you are ready to take the first step in making an order, click here!

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