Road and highway construction has played an essential role in G.W. Tatro’s business ever since Gerald Tatro purchased his first bulldozer over 60 years ago. Though much has changed since then, G.W. Tatro still brings that same sense of professionalism and ‘can-do’ attitude that made the company stand out decades ago. Today, we hold on to those values of hard work and integrity while utilizing the most up to date equipment and survey technology to stay ahead of the curve and to tackle today’s complex projects. As our capabilities have grown these last decades, people have come to rely on G.W. Tatro to execute more and more advanced projects. G.W. Tatro has constructed two roundabouts for the Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT), both located at very busy intersections along VT Route 15. Both projects were technically challenging and both were completed on schedule and under budget. G.W. Tatro continued its streak of high-traffic road reconstruction on Routes 15 from Hyde Park to Jericho, and along busy Route 7 in Saint Albans and Colchester. Among the highlights of our work were our projects reconfiguring signal intersections and adding additional lanes to the existing routes.

                 But G.W. Tatro doesn’t just focus on the large projects—we take on the smaller work, as well. We have put in or rebuilt multiple roads, driveways, accessways, water lines, and will often be seen on local, rural back roads doing small projects for municipalities.  We also have been proud to work with various local and state entities to help with any storm damage. This was most prominently seen with the many road, highway, and rail rehabilitations after Tropical Storm Irene cut its path of destruction across Vermont.

                 G.W. Tatro also excels in any type of rail project. We successfully revamped an at-grade crossing in Ferrisburg, VT for the AOT, where the project required working during a track outage, working nights and weekends to bring it back in service as soon as it could safely and professionally be completed. We have worked in areas across the state on rail projects of various breadth and depth—never losing track of the schedule nor of the importance of delivering a product that exceeds expectations.

Our dedicated crews always make special efforts to accomplish the goals of our clients and to minimize inconvenience to all, reinforcing that no one handles a challenge better than G.W. Tatro. These values come from that decades old ‘can-do’ attitude, and the hard work of all involved. When you need a project done successfully, whether the scale is big or small, G.W. Tatro will always go that extra mile for you to bring your product to a successful completion.