Combining two of this company’s areas of expertise—renewables and mountain work—it’s no wonder that G.W. Tatro been assisting with the installation of wind towers across Vermont and New England for years.  And our wind work isn’t exclusive to just the slopes: we have done work on the coastline, at airports, and everywhere in between! We pride ourselves in being excellent support for any type of wind project, be it building access roads up steep mountainous terrain, excavating foundations, or hauling the massive equipment to the top of a mountain, GW Tatro can do it. Our specialized equipment modifications allow us to do heavy hauling up steep and icy slopes in the coldest months of Vermont’s winter, allowing mechanical, maintenance, and repair work to be effected. Furthermore, G.W. Tatro’s equipment can access these remote peaks with very little impact to the environment.  So next time you’re looking for support with any size wind project, you couldn’t go wrong in reaching out to G.W. Tatro!