Chief Executive Officer

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Greg’s philosophy has always been simple: do it right the first time. As President, Greg strives every day to bring G.W. Tatro’s work up to the highest standard. He does his utmost to build positive relationships with his clients and to bring a personal touch to the company’s work. This better allows their vision to be fully realized in the final product. Like his father before him, Greg is involved in and oversees all aspects of the company, and isn’t beyond working in the dirt with his men.Greg began working at G.W. Tatro in 1982 at the age of 19 as a basic laborer. From there, he worked his way up to foreman, supervisor and project manager. In the 1990’s, he worked directly at his father Gerald’s side as Vice President of the company. He managed all phases of mountain construction projects, and consistently exceeded margin goals and client expectations throughout his tenure. When Gerald passed away in 2002, Greg assumed the mantle of President. Since then, he has coordinated the continued growth and development of the company, focusing on modernization and emphasizing a renewed commitment to safety. Greg also helped to bring forth a massive overhaul of the equipment fleet, bringing in the latest in technology and safety for employees to work with. Another major undertaking the company undertook was a commitment to project diversification. This belief brought the company to focus on the renewable energy sector.  “Energy is something that everybody needs,” he explains. G.W. Tatro also successfully created a spin-off pipeline company in Western Pennsylvania that seized on the opportunity that the shale gas boom has provided. In the last decade, the company has also worked on hydroelectric, solar, and wind projects.  Greg has also pushed the company to embrace greater awareness of the environment, even going so far as to implement a ‘no idling’ policy in the company parking lot.

To Greg, the most important moment of being CEO was that first decision to take control of the company after Gerald’s passing. In the end, he said, it was the great people that worked at G.W. Tatro that convinced him to keep the company going: “that’s what made the difference,” he said. He has always done his best to put the workers first. Others who have worked with Greg over the years concur:  Others said that he always gave those who worked under him a chance to move up. He is well known for encouraging people to push themselves and try to take on new opportunities. Like his father, he is fond of telling people that “there is no such thing as can’t.”

Greg loves what he does at G.W. Tatro because he feels that the work the company does benefits the community. He is always open to challenging projects – the more difficult the better. “It keeps you coming to work every day,” he explains. Most importantly, Greg strives every day to run the company in a way that is worthy of Gerald’s legacy.

When not at the company, Greg is passionate about hockey. His close proximity to both the Bruins’ and Canadiens’ arenas means he can usually get out to a game or two during the season. He loves to cross country ski in the woods, often accompanied by his wife on snow shoes. In the summer months, he will often go to his camp on Lake Carmi.