G.W. Tatro Construction is the Snowmaking Contractor of the East! No one matches our experience in installing snowmaking systems, whether you need pipe on a beginner trail, have a pipe break during winter or you want a fully automated system on a steep nasty trail, G.W. Tatro Construction can do it! G.W. Tatro has installed pipe as far south as North Carolina, as far north as Maine and everywhere in-between. We also have installed pumphouses all over the region, including ones with cutting edge technological advancements. And we build snowmaking ponds like no one else, including the installation of a 120-million gallon pond at Mount Snow.

 Our pipe welders are fully certified and are some of the finest in the country. In conjunction with our exclusive Zap-Lok process our specialized team can install any system you may require.  We offer complete flexibility in our contract services, whether you want a complete turn-key system where we supply all materials or installation services only. This level of flexibility allows for mountains to fully develop and maximize their capital budgets. Give us a call, we have an alternative solution to more costly pipeline systems.