1987 CAT 966D



Bought by our founder, Gerald, in the mid-1990s, this 966D was acquired in large part because of the phenomenal job our 1992 CAT 966F loader was doing.

           The CAT 966D is our oldest and one of our biggest loaders in the whole fleet. “We say the ‘D’ [in 966D] stands for Dinosaur,” Justin Day, our Equipment Manager, jokes. Many say that this machine has a tendency to be a bit ‘cranky’ and ‘slow.’ Size-wise, the 966D is too big for many of our jobs. It is also a bit old to be relied upon as a frontline machine, so it has instead spent years in the quarries. It comes in quite handy in our pits and quarries because of its high bucket capacity and because it can take the rough environments better than many other loaders. Since it has such a large bucket capacity it can load trucks quickly in the pits, getting our trucks on the road faster than a smaller loader could. The greatest thing about it is its longevity—over 30 years of service, with over 20 years at G.W. Tatro! Most impressive!

Equipment Categories: Bucket Loaders, Medium,