2000 Powerscreen Powertrack Screening Plant


        The PowerTrack is cut from a different cloth than our other screening plant, the Powerscreen Chieftain. It is made to screen one material very quickly, in a rugged work zone. Built with just one screening deck, the grizzly (those adjustable grated set of bars that keep the big rocks out) on this screening plant also has a special vibrating tendency that allows it to better sort and shuffle material. The PowerTrack is built with thicker steel, and a heavier, more compact frame so it can handle the stresses of worksites and quarries. In addition, PowerTrack is much more mobile—it has tracks (hence its name) that allows an operator to direct it..  Set-up is thus comparatively a quick process. This, combined with its easy transportability, makes it ideal for bringing it to job sites.

        We use the PowerTrack for a variety of things: making topsoil, road sand, even stone like the dense-graded that is used as a sub-base for roadmaking. Since this machine is so much more compact, and has only one screening deck, its processing speed is significantly more than that of the Chieftain. And, like all crushers and screeners, it has quite a bit of maintenance to it, as well. That aside, that PowerTrack more than earns its place as an important player when it comes to our screening needs!


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