2004 CAT IT-38 GII


               The IT-38 GII bucket loader has been a part of this company since we bought it brand new in 2004. Since then, this machine has worked hard for the company, only rarely letting us down.

                The IT-38 is different from many loaders in that the geometry of the boom allows the bucket go straight up on a vertical plane instead of in an arc, which is the norm.

                The IT-38 is a dream for road jobs. It was actually the centerpiece of one of our major road jobs in 2011: our installation of the Hyde Park Roundabout. Every morning, the IT-38 was the first machine out, moving jersey barriers around to differentiate between work areas and traffic areas. During the day, the loader would go to the staging site to help pile up aggregates and load trucks. Sometimes it would even deliver a bucket load of aggregates to the site itself. It would also be instrumental in helping to move equipment like compactors around the site, and could help with laying pipe. Twice a day, we would use the IT-38 to attach to a broom and sweep the roadway down for traffic to mitigate dust or any gravel.

                One great aspect of the IT-38 is the sheer number of abilities it has. It of course has a bucket, which is essential for any bucket loader. But it also has a broom, as noted above, which is quite handy in sweeping down areas and keeping them clean. It also can attach to a set of forks and act as a giant and powerful forklift, which is very helpful in unloading job materials and pipe.

                All of this, plus great visibility and perfect dimensions, make it no wonder that we’ve relied on the IT-38 so consistently for all these years!

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