2006 CAT 735


What makes an Articulated Dump Truck “Articulated”? Essentially, it can pivot in the center of the frame, like a bucket loader (and unlike our on-road trucks). We use it for hauling dirt quickly within the site.  That’s because this dump truck is ideal for off road conditions: it plows right through mud, and scrabbles up steep slopes. It will handle any terrain that would be too much for a regular truck.

         Though it can be pretty high maintenance, it has an advanced diesel engine management A4 controller and multiple injection fuel delivery because it makes for excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions that meet current clean air standards.  The CAT 735 Articulated Dump truck is easy to operate—“it drives just like a car,” our Equipment Manager explains. And it has a massive carrying capacity of 35 metric tons. Stone, dirt, rock, hay, mats—anything that can fit in the back, the 735 will take. We know that the 735 will carry its load to wherever it needs to go!

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