2010 CAT CS76XT


               This is the biggest roller we have, and it has a ton of bells and whistles! Purchased at an auction in Montreal by Greg Tatro and Justin Day, the CAT CS76 Vibe roller has a variety of features that make it very efficient for a range of jobs. It has a two-speed transmission, a dual amplitude vibratory system, and a dual pump propel system that allows our operators maximum control for whatever job needs doing! It’s also the only roller we have that has an enclosed cab, and thus all the benefits of heat, air conditioning, a stereo– and, of course, more comfortable seating for the operator.

                One thing that sets the CS76 apart from the other rollers in our fleet is that it is super heavy duty. “It was built with really thick steel,” Justin Day explains. The CS76 can handle tougher jobs, longer hours and larger materials. Not to mention the drum itself which contains 140 pads welded in a chevron pattern designed for high ground contact pressure and to maximize compaction.  The drum actually is the same size as that of our CS54 roller, but it is built thicker. The drum can also be converted into a padfoot roller, that allows for more thorough compaction (though a less smooth and finished product, which is necessary for the smooth grading of road jobs). With so many features, it’s no wonder the 2010 CAT CS76 is such a popular choice when our jobs need compaction done right!

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