2011 CAT 320DL


            The 320 DL is in such high demand that we actually own two of these machines. This excavator is popular for many reasons—it’s extremely versatile in how it can be used and it is easy to move. Further, it can use a variety of attachments, having the ability to link to two hammers, a compaction bucket, a clean-up bucket, and the Rotobec Screening bucket. It also has several narrow, medium and wide buckets that can attach to it.

                One of our 320 excavators has a thumb attached permanently to it. A thumb is an excavator add-on that comes off the dipper arm and can clamp onto the bucket in a lid-like fashion. This allows an operator to grasp logs, stumps, brush, pieces of cement, or large rocks. This makes the 320DL perfect for demolition jobs.

                “It’s just a good all-around machine,” says Justin Day (our Equipment Manager). It’s decent on the slopes for mountain jobs, and is the right combination of power and proportionality for many site/civil jobs. It’s big enough for a large-scale job as well as small enough for a lesser sized job. It’s no wonder the 320DLs are always being trucked from site to site!

Equipment Categories: Excavators, Medium,