2011 CAT 336EL


               When we need a heavy hitter on our job site, who are we gonna call? That’ll be our dispatcher, to bring in a 336 excavator. We can only hope that’s it’s available: the 2011 CAT 336EL excavator is one of our most in-demand pieces of equipment!

                G.W. Tatro’s relationship with the 2011 336EL reads a bit like a movie plot. We first came into contact with this machine when we rented it to help do storm repairs in the aftermath of the loathed tropical storm, Irene. We brought it up to Sugarbush Mountain to help with damage mitigation there. We liked it so much, we bought it. But its permanent home was not to be with us: it was shipped down to our spin-off company, Tatro Pipeline in Pennsylvania. There, it spent time… well,  laying pipe. After a few years, however, we wanted this machine back. And so it was homeward bound! It’s been in massive demand ever since!

                The 336 excavator is awesome because it’s very powerful, and very quick for a large machine. It can also use many different types of buckets: the wide bucket, the H160DS CAT Rock Hammer, the Ripper, the Quadco Brush Cutter, as well as an extended boom. It’s the James Bond of our excavators—it has all the cool gadgets and add-ons. It’s also extremely comfortable for the operator and is filled with modern emissions tech.

                Since it has so much going for it, it is used everywhere—from road jobs to snowmaking jobs to renewable jobs and everywhere in between! “It is,” our Equipment Manager concludes, “just an awesome machine if you have a big job to do.”

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