2012 Ford F-550


A bit tougher than our F350 model, we bought this truck in a nice, clean white finish. Justin Day, our equipment manager, considers the 2012’s engine “one of the best Ford’s ever made.”  This Ford F-350 has hauled tools, stone, topsoil, hay, parts, and trailers. We’ll throw a fuel tank in the bed and go fill up some of our pieces of equipment on various jobs. Or, we use it to pick up parts, transport tools and gear, or to bring hay to the site when we are finishing up. And, of course, it has many aggregate deliveries to happy customers under its belt.   The axles, tires, gears and brakes are stronger than the 2007 F-350 truck’s. They are made to handle a higher gross vehicle weight—in other words, “You can put more stuff on it,” Justin says.

This truck also has a marine gray aluminum dump body originally bought in the 1990s. This is the fifth truck we’ve put this body on, whereas we’ve had other steel dump bodies rust or rot out after only one.

It was put to great use in 2015 by the Mountain Operations work crew. It was used to tow a pipe trailer during a snow making job. It was strong enough to stay parked at a steep pitch with a heavy load latched on, an impressive feat. It saved the crew from having to go down to the bottom of the job and cart up the tools and pieces they had to have next. Instead, they had everything they needed there!

The F-550 is a favorite amongst the employees here when plowing season comes around It also boasts a strong diesel engine and is built to work tough.


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