2014 CAT 316EL


              We bought this machine to step in for our old, beloved 2006 CAT 315CL that was pulled from our equipment fleet. The body style for this machine is much different than its 2006 predecessor, however. It is a little larger, and is thus more top-heavy. It also looks different because it has built-in emissions technology to reduce its carbon footprint in the workplace. This means that the engine cab is built taller, too.

                We use this excavator at our site/civil jobs, we use it on our mountain jobs. It’s a very versatile, quick, and powerful machine. It controls elegantly, and the modern cab controls are cutting edge. “It’s way ahead in technology,” our Equipment Manager says. Technology, power, ease of use—all essential traits for an excavator, and all found in the 316EL!

Equipment Categories: Excavators, Small,