2016 CAT D5K XL2


           The D5K2 XL is our newest dozer, having just been acquired in 2016! It functions much like the 2011 D5K XL—with some upgrades and innovations, like having a CAT C4.4 engine with ACERT technology that meets Tier 4 standards. This keeps emissions low and pollutants lower! It uses stable blade technology to help obtain a finished grade with less effort all the while displaying the slope of the blade to the operator, so he can have confidence while he works.

   This 2016 dozer also has something truly special: we have equipped it with hardware to utilize machine control—specifically, it can use Robotic Total Station or GPS. This means that the Cat D5K dozer is able to scrupulously fine-grade roads, building pads, highways, and the like. The capabilities of this technology take our precision to the next level.

   Those who are familiar with the D5K XL2 say this is an amazing machine, and it is very well liked by our operators. It’s comfortable, it’s easy to use, and it has top-notch visibility. It also has an extremely tight turning radius, handy for moments where extreme precision is necessary, and when there’s little room to maneuver.

   In sum, the CAT D5K XL2 has a ton of really great aspects that make it a truly impressive dozer. Whether you’re looking at its ease of use, terrific visibility, Tier 4 Final emissions system, or even its cutting-edge GPS system this dozer is ready for work, and we are ready to put it to work!

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