2016 Ford F-550


              With the massive success we had with the 2012 Ford F-550, when there was demand for a new truck, we knew right where we wanted to look! We looked to get as close to the 2012 F550 as possible.  This Ford F-350 has hauled tools, stone, topsoil, hay, parts, and trailers. We’ll throw a fuel tank in the bed and go fill up some of our pieces of equipment on various jobs. Or, we use it to pick up parts, transport tools and gear, or to bring hay to the site when we are finishing up. The axles, tires, gears and brakes are stronger than the 2007 F-350 truck’s.

                The dump body is all stainless steel and of a very high quality. It’s terrific at resisting the salt brine that inevitably occurs during a Vermont winter.

                G.W. Tatro has a history of looking to Ford for its heavy duty trucks, one going back to its inception. We are glad to follow in Gerald’s footsteps when we continue to buy Ford, but it goes further than that. Ford has always been there when issues have popped up over the decades, and they’ve always left us, in Justin’s words, “really happy.” That, combined with our long business relationship with Ford makes them an easy choice when buying a new heavy duty truck.

                The 2016 Ford F-550, in conclusion, has it all: it’s very reliable, can take a beating, can handle steep slopes, and is incredibly versatile.


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