2016 Ford F-750 Water Truck


We use this Ford F-750 Water Truck to minimize airborne dust and to dampen material to help when we need to compact it. In the past, we would have to use trucks with 500-gallon fiberglass tanks full of water to maintain compaction requirements and to handle dust. After a variety of these methods were used to get water to our job sites, we decided to custom make a water truck!

Now our jobs have more efficient dust control and the maximum compaction possible.This means that we deliver our clients a superior product in a manner that saves time and money! As an added bonus, this F-750 keeps emissions low using a slightly modified exhaust gas recirculation method and a selective catalytic reduction process. There is no doubt that this truck holds a proud spot in our fleet and it plays an important role for the variety of projects we have. Let us know how we can put it to work for you!

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