2017 CAT 950M


Our loader fleet needed to be updated in the fall of 2017, especially in regards to our larger loaders. Enter the 2017 CAT 950M, which brings a classy, modern, and refreshing look into our equipment lineup.  It comes with a ton of modern features like locking torque converters, auto-traction control, and fine tune shifting for our driver’s preference. It also has an auto-dump program, and it is able to execute an auto-dig sequence as well. This comes in handy when an operator is loading from the same pile. The loader can be programmed to scoop automatically from that pile at the press of a few buttons! The 950M also comes with adjustable ride control, allowing one to adjust the suspension for the load.

Other modern touches include a new seat redesign, a back-up camera, climate control and a better sealed cab with more glass, giving greater visibility to the rider and making for a quieter experience. It even has Bluetooth connectivity, and access to Sirius/XM radio!

The 2017 model is significantly more powerful than our older CAT 950. This Bucket Loader utilizes a C7.1 ACERT engine which gives it greater strength and fuel efficiency. Our mechanic, Nate Ouimette notes that it “has a lot of digging power. It gets right into a pile” of stone or dirt. This is helpful when the loader is working with aggregates. In addition, 950M has an easily detachable quick coupler, making it even more capable than some of our other larger loaders. Having a quick coupler means that this machine can switch out its bucket for forks, allowing it to be used for lifting heavy pipes or ditch boxes on some of our larger sewer or pipework jobs, this is our first medium sized loader we have with that ability.

When we match all of this with CAT’s proven high standard for machine durability, we can’t go wrong with this addition to our fleet.

Equipment Categories: Bucket Loaders, Medium,